I’m Among The Best Bathroom Cleaners In Prison – Hushpuppi Begs Court For Lighter Sentence

Social media celebrity and internet fraudster, Ramon Abbas alias ‘Hushpuppi’, has appealed for a lighter prison sentence because he’s been dutiful throughout his detention.

He made the appeal to the United States Judge Otis Wright, as he called for justice to be tempered with mercy during his sentencing later this month, Peoples Gazette reports.

Hushpuppi who was arrested in 2020 over multimillion dollar fraud, said he had become a changed person after being rated as one of the best in terms of cleaning activities in the Correctional facility.

According to Peoples Gazette, Ramon’s record which includes part of his memorandum countering sentencing recommendations of prosecutors, showed that he performed well and related well with other inmates.

It was also learnt that his report card for Central Valley workshop for prisoners showed he put up “very good” in attitude, quality of work, dependability and productivity between July 2021 when he enrolled and November 2021 when he completed work.

“He is currently working within his prison cleaning windows and showers—for which he has received great personal evaluations,” his counsel, Louis Shapiro wrote in the memorandum submitted on September 5.

Prosecution and defence have been arguing over the appropriate sentencing for Abbas, who was first arrested in Dubai in June 2020 and summarily transferred to the prison in the U.S. as his trial continued.

While the prosecution team led by assistant U.S. attorney Khaldoun Shobaki demanded 11 years in prison and $2.2 million in restitution and fines, Hushpuppi’s lawyer said his client had become a changed person in prison and should be handed a lighter sentence of about two years in prison.

Shapiro also said Abbas has three children, who are minors, in London, United State and Dubai to care for, as well as his ailing parents in Nigeria.

The judge is scheduled to hear the sentencing arguments of the prosecution and defence on September 21 before delivering his final judgement in the matter

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