I’m Not Ashamed To Fall In Love – Nkechi Blessing

Famous Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has revealed that she is a hopeless romantic person.

Nkechi, in recent months, has started and ended different romantic relationships, but she has come out to say that she is not ashamed to fall in love.

Nkechi wrote:

“I stumbled on a couple loved up video this morning and it made me smile soo much that I said a prayer for them, and wished them a life time happiness…that is exactly how life is supposed to be you see people in love and happy.

“Be happy for them and wish them well, when did we grow to this in Nigeria that when you see two people happy the next thing that comes to your head is NEGATIVITY? The world is going Thru a lot already that the only thing we need right now is show love and kindness, Cus really a lot of people are going thru a lot of things that they cannot tell anyone about!!! In everything you do in life, pls choose Kindness over b*tterness. I am a hopeless Romantic, and I am never ashamed to fall in love over and over again”.

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