BE SINCERE: On The Scale Of 1 – 10 – How Well Will You Rate The Movie “ANIKULAPO”?

Anikulapo has a very intriguing storyline, with a simpler subplot that allows for fantastic acting and cinematography. The movie weaves mythical elements into a story of love, betrayal, scheming, and the lives of our ancestors.

Esthetically and traditionally, Anikulapo is a beautiful film that introduces the global viewers to the amazing Yoruba cultural heritage; the dialogue, the narration, the characters, the details, and the quality were exceptional and its plot progression is at its simplest form, leaving much to be asked.

Anikulapo tells the story of Saro, a man seeking for greener pasture in Oyo kingdom in the 17th century, but unfolding events and his affair with the wife of Alaafin lead to his untimely death and a new life beyond his dreams. The cinematography, setting, and performances in this drama are confident and scripted well.

As the central character, Kunle Remi is a discovery, delivering on the complexities of the anti-hero he portrays. Ademoye as Arolake is no less thrilling and the chemistry between them is a beauty to behold, and the way they both speak Yoruba with the right accent is highly impressive. Bimbo is such a great actress that all she needs to express something is to open her eyes; her body language is fantastic on the screen.

Casting them as lovers inarguably tops the list of great decisions made by the production team. Super amazing! Their chemistry is visibly borne from an offscreen bond milked to perfection for the film.

It is pertinent to note that the major theme of the movie is greed. Right from the beginning, Saro gets a caution from many that, “Don’t bite more than you can chew” but human greed is very vicious and wouldn’t listen until you are at rock bottom or on your death bed. Despite the cautions, it landed him in trouble before his death and even after he got a second chance at life.

The movie depicts polygamy in its true light, both in a palace, and a regular household, women giving their men preference, and all the other challenges of such a living arrangement.

The entirety of the casting is absolute goodness on screen, made even better with the choice to cast veterans of Yoruba Movie Industry.

Anikulapo has its flaws but it will easily be a popular movie and most talked about at the moment, primarily for its cast and its pleasing plot.

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How Well Will You Rate The Movie “ANIKULAPO” On The Scale Of 1-10?

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