ECOWAS Youth Ambassador Appoints Hon. Emmanuel, Ogu Vincent As Special Assistant

ECOWAS Youth Ambassador Appoints Hon. Emmanuel, Ogu Vincent As Special Assistant.

ECOWAS Youth Ambassador Appoints Hon. Emmanuel, Ogu Vincent As Special Assistant
ECOWAS Youth Ambassador Appoints Hon. Emmanuel, Ogu Vincent As Special Assistant

The office of the Ecowas youth Ambassador at the West Africa (Ecowas) Youth Council, Conseil Des Jeunes D’Afrique De L’iquest, Cape Verde have appointed Hon. Emmanuel, Ogu Vincent, as confirmed under the board of the West African (ECOWAS) Youth Council as the Special Assistant/Director of Programs, Nasarawa State to the Ecowas Youth Ambassador making him the first person ever from Nasarawa State to be appointed as a Special Assistant/Director of Programs in the state.

The appointment is connected with the identified laudable antecedents of dedication, hard work, and diligence that Hon. Emmanuel, Ogu Vincent has proven in service to Humanity and the commendable works as an advocate and relentless crusader of promoting, leadership characteristics, entrepreneurship for African Youths.

Dated 14th Nov 2022, the appointment letter presents this news as it’s accompanied with all the necessary documents attached to the diplomatic mission, including a diplomatic ECOWAS ID card, ECOWAS Certificate, appointment letter and a specialized recognition and ease flow as a special Assistant/Director of Programs, Nasarawa State to the 156th youth Ambassador’s movement across the ECOWAS region.

The letter read, that by virtue of his appointment as a Special Assistant, He expected to used title “Honorable” for engagement and moving forward.

Reacting to his appointment as Special Assistant/Director of Programs, Nasarawa State, He thanked the West Africa (ECOWAS) Youth Council and the distinguished ECOWAS Youth Ambassador, Amb. (Hon.) Emmanuel Agida for finding him worthy of such recognition and appointment.

Also thanked his family, friends, acquistance and mentors, who could have helped in no small way in birthing the result they recorded in the critical course of youth inclusiveness and revamping of the political space.

He promised to using the opportunity as a channel to champion youth development, fostering international collaborations in the state and engaging key political stakeholders for the betterment of youth constituents.

He also praised the Glorious Almighty God, the giver and sustainer of true success. He beseeched him of more grace, wisdom and understanding to succeed in the tasks before him

Hon Emmanuel, Ogu Vincent was born on 21st January of the blessed year. He is the native of Alago ethnic group in Doma, Doma local government area of Nasarawa State

Hon. Emmanuel, Ogu Vincent is a trained teacher, young politician, Media influencer, Youth advocate, Advocate for good governance, and the future Animal Scientist with the desire to focus on One health advocate

He has served in different capacities and championed many courses in the light of Youth Development and participation

On December, 2019, the Directorate Of Strategic Communication And Press Affairs in the office of His Excellency Governor Abdullahi A Sule was proud to presented the First Annual Media Dinner 2019.

The Annual Media Dinner which was end of the year event initiated in the office of His Excellency Governor Abdullahi A Sule to celebrate and honor Journalists, Broadcasters and Social Media Influencers and outstanding Newspaper Journalists in Nasarawa State with Thank You Plaques, Letter of Appreciations and Certificate of Excellence whom Hon. Ogu Emmanuel was also privileged to be invited amongst the social media influencers.

Which His Excellency, Nasarawa State Governor, Engr Abdullahi A Sule also delivered end of the year stewardship speech at the Media dinner on 23rd December, 2019 at the Ta’al Conference Hotel, Lafia.

On December 2020, Hon. Emmanuel, Ogu Vincent was amongst the delegates that participated at the first Nasarawa State Youth Round-table Discussion organized by Northern State Governors’ Forum Committee on Youth Engagements, Priorities & inclusion in Governance in Nigeria under the leadership of Comr, Tunga which the Round-table Discussed gear towards developing the methodologies and considering stakeholders’ recommendations in engendering a new course for the Northern youths for competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of the Northern Nigeria founding leaders’ vision on 16th December, 2020 at the Mosmera Guest Palace Hotel, Lafia.

On August, 2022, Hon. Emmanuel Ogu Vincent participated at the 1-Day Citizenship and Leadership Training programme, 2022 with the theme: “The Role of Nasarawa State Youth towards the Establishment and promoting of Good Governance, 2023 in focus organized by the office of the SSA Youth Affairs, Government of Nasarawa State, on 23rd August, 2022 at the 1st De Crown Luxury Hotel, Lafia.

On September, 2022, Hon Emmanuel, Ogu Vincent was amongst delegates from Nasarawa State that attended the 2-Day progressive young Leader summit at the international conference centre, Abuja organized by the National Youth Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Hon Dayo Israel.

The summit which is the first of it kind brought together young progress leaders across the country to chart a cause, discuss issues that has direct bearing on Youth potentials and the future of Nigeria as a country from 18th-19th September, 2022

Hon Vincent Ogu Emmanuel completed his secondary education at Government Secondary School, Onugah-Doma, He obtained NCE certificate from the College of Education, Akwanga, Nasarawa State and He currently got admission to study for the undergraduate programme at the Federal University of Lafia, Nasarawa State.

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