Watch The Moment Phyna Ride On Groovy Dick In The Head of House Room (VIDEO)

Recently, in a new video, Phyna was seen riding on Groovy’s d!ck in the Head of House room and this has been getting different reactions from people.

Remember Phyna won the Head of house game which made her HoH and she chose Groovy as her deputy. Both of them could be seen murmuring some romantic words to themselves as they smooch each other.

Not quite long, Big Brother interfered as he told them to move to the main house in which they had no other option than to listen to Big Brother.

Reactions from people showed that they were not happy with Big Brother decision. Some went ahead to say Big Brother doesn’t love beautiful things while some haters revealed that Groovy will be thanking God by now.

Some also said Phyna is the only one pushing the relationship and Groovy is not interested.



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