UNBELIEVABLE!! This Is What Will Happen To You If You Get Hit By A Car In China (Shocking)

What I’m about to reveal will shock you. Be careful in China!

In China, if you hit a pedestrian with your car, you must pay for the person’s medical care for the rest of their lives.

However, if you kill a pedestrian with your car, you only pay a one time fee.

In China, due to codified laws on victim compensation, if you hit and kill a pedestrian, you can expect a one-time payment of $30 to $50k to the victim’s family. Once this payment is made, the authorities consider the matter closed.

However, let’s say you only hit and injured a pedestrian, you would be required to care for him/her, and his/her disability, for their entire life.

That’s why it is fairly common for people to go back and kill someone they accidentally hit.

E Shock You Abi?

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