The Regime Is Not A Perfect One – Aisha Buhari Apologises To Nigerians Over Insecurity And Hardship

Hajia Aisha Buhari, the president’s wife, has expressed regret to Nigerians for the hardship and security issues the nation is currently facing.

The 62nd Independence Day Special Juma’at Prayer and Public Lecture, with the theme “Shura: The Islamic Foundation of True Democracy,” was held at the National Mosque Conference Hall in Abuja on Friday, September 30. The First Lady delivered the apology at that time.

She claims that the devaluation of the naira and the ongoing decline in the foreign exchange rate have had an impact on the economy and created numerous challenges for Nigerians in the areas of education, health, and other daily activities.

She however, lauded the military and other security agencies for their continued onslaught on terrorists, bandits, kidnappers and wished them more success.

“Your Excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, as you may be aware that this government is making its exit and perhaps witnessing the last anniversary of the regime, I pray for Nigerians to pray for a successful election and transition program,” she said.

“The regime might not have been a perfect one, but I want to seize this opportunity to seek forgiveness from the Ulamas and Nigerians in general. We all need to work together to achieve a better Nigeria.

“Your Excellencies, distinguished guests, it is also noticeable that our naira is being evaluated and the foreign exchange rate has affected our economy causing a lot of hardship and difficulties in terms of education, health and other day-to-day activities of our citizens.

“We must unite and fight against security challenges. While the efforts of the government are well appreciated, it is important to know that many programs have been put in places such as agriculture, entrepreneurship, and engagement of youth and women to cushion the effects and provide alternatives.

“I myself through my Aisha Buhari and Future Assured have put in place deliberate efforts and programs focused on improving the quality of women, youth and children. Through this effect, I have empowered many communities. I appreciate all my partners and collaborators, the wives of the governors, the wives of service chiefs, my associates, well-wishers, and international bodies, that is development partners, I thank them all.

“I’m particularly happy that our security agents have stood up to the challenges of security more than ever before. And at the moment, their efforts have been pushing the effects of banditry, kidnapping and many other ills in society. I commend the efforts of our gallant security men and women and I want to pray for more successes in their operations,” she added.

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