PORTABLE: “A Blemish In The Nigerian Entertainment Industry ” (Must Read)

The Nigerian entertainment industry has gone through tough times to gain the relevance and credibility it boasts of now.

There was a time when some bigots and myopic parents would never allow their offspring to venture or delve into the entertainment world because of the stigmas attached to it; drugs, prostitution, waywardness, irresponsibility.

Now we have parents who’ll even advise their children to make their way into the entertainment industry, we even have the palpable amount of Pastor’s Children, children of successful professionals in different fields. Now the Nigerian Entertainment Industry has more literates than illiterates.

The industry which happens to be the best in Africa and as well conspicuous across the globe is about to be tainted, if not tainted already, all credits go to the nitwit, dimwit, scallywag, miscreant, and scoundrel that crept into the Nigerian Entertainment Scene in the penultimate months of 2021 in the name of PORTABLE.

Habbeb Okikiola commonly referred to as Portable came into the Industry with the help of Pocolee who took him to Olamide for a collaboration-the ignition of Portable’s career.

Portable came up with the only remarkable project of his career so far’Zazoo Zeh‘, the song became an instant hit and to this moment, remains an anthem.

The song “Zazoo” took Portable to a milestone he never imagined himself attaining, thanks to Nigerians who value NONSENSE, Portable can never’ blow’ in a sane and serene environment. I have asked myself what Portable does for a living? because I have never been convinced, he’s a musician.

Portable‘s technique of maintaining relevance is ”rabble-rousing” and that is only what he has to offer, after Zazoo, he has failed to maintain his relevance musically because all his follow-ups to zazoo are all dead -on arrival.

Despite Portable‘s inability to secure another hit, his fame keeps growing just because he’s a rabble-rouser. Portable can only thrive in a society where the pot of discord is constantly stirred like ours.

Since the “Zazoo“ crooner came into the limelight, netizens have been plagued with migraine, fresh air has ceased in the social media space.

Portable fought everyone that was instrumental in his success story; from Pocolee to Kogbagidi, Ijoba Danku, Billyque , Small doctor, Davido it didn’t stop there, the self-acclaimed ‘were olorin‘ went as far as battering DJ Chicken to a pulp.

Portable isn’t fit to be in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry, hours ago he said he created 1 Million Boys and Ajah Boys(notorious cult groups that terrorized Lagos State during the lockdown)He later twisted his statement, immediately he learned the IGP ordered the Lagos State Commissioner of Police to look into the matter.

Idamu Adugbo will continue to attract insult to the Nigerian Entertainment Space.

I know Portable cannot be chased out of the industry, but the people hobnobbing him should desist. I wept when I saw Portable sitting with Governor Oyetola of Osun, it’ll forever be a slap on the faces of the good people of Osun.

Portable mingles with Obi Cubana to the extent that he got a #50 million deal. Why? Cubana made him the face of his alcoholic bitters(Odogwu Bitters)I wonder what impression he was trying to create?

The most vexatious is Portable chilling with The Ooni Of Ife, one of the most revered kings in Africa. Portable isn’t fit to be Ooni’s Slave, so why sit with him? Nigeria is devoid of sanity!

How will the Wahala Musician cease being a nuisance when reputable people flock around him.

Many have worked indefatigably in building this Entertainment Industry and as well paved the path which Portable threads, hence Idamu Adugbo should stop blemishing this prestigious industry.

Everyone should ignore, shun, avoid and cut all ties with this black sheep, his fellow touts now deny him.

For portable to stop dragging this reputable Entertainment Industry in the mud, we have to nip him in the bud.

It starts with you.

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