Osun Election Result Is A Positive Development For Peter Obi’s Supporters

The people saw this coming, the constant deterioration of the economy and the fast deplorable state of insecurity in the country among other societal ills was a pointer to what to expect in coming elections.

Senator Ademola Adeleke of the Peoples Democratic Party was declared the duly elected executive Governor of Osun State yesterday, defeating incumbent Governor Oyetola by a comfortable margin.

The Osun State election would be the last gubernatorial election held before the 2023 presidential elections, so the outcome is critical to Nigerians.

Some attributed the APC’s defeat to infighting within the party, while others said it was due to the popularity of the Adeleke’s, a family well known for its goodwill throughout the state. Still, others credited Davido for his role in sensitizing people about the importance of voting for his uncle.

It can be challenging to pin down the precise reason an incumbent lost his seat, but one thing is for sure: the public was united in its rejection of mediocrity.

The result is a positive development for the LP and its presidential candidate, Peter Obi, because it has been established that the electoral process has been sanitized, and it does not favor the ruling party, also known as the locust, which has been feeding fat from the citizens’ common patrimony.

Members of the LP see the APC as a desperate party hell-bent on retaining power despite mismanaging the trust bestowed upon them by Nigerians. The APC also claims structure but lost the election badly.

The party that boasts of people like Bisi Akande, the founding national chairman of the party and former governor of the State, fell flat to the popular Adeleke, and the same state that boasts of Iyiola Omisore, the current national secretary of the party, fell flat to the trumpet of the people.

In addition, Fani Kayode, Femi Adeshina, and a number of APC generals from Osun State were unable to block the people’s progress.

Nigerians must come out in force to usher in the desired change. God has leveled the playing field for all of us by strengthening the INEC and ensuring free, fair, and transparent elections. Osun has shown that there is no reason why Nigerians should not exercise their right to vote and teach these scumbags a painful lesson in their own coin.

With the advent of electronic transmission, rigging has become more difficult. Even well-liked candidates can win elections if they work harder. As a result, Peter Obi’s chances of winning in 2023 is certain.

The Osun elections demonstrated that Nigerians are less interested in political parties and more interested in the credentials and popularity of individuals, such as Peter Obi, who is currently in the spotlight. The 2023 presidential elections would be all about street credibility and integrity.

Nigeria no be Lagos, the APC and Tinubu have been demystified, Osun voters affirmed that in spite of voting for Adeleke they would vote Peter Obi for president. Nigerians are waking up and trying to be Obidient.

The APC’s systematic demise has already begun; all that is left is for Nigerians to unite behind one voice and bury the party so that a new era of bliss can start, if not in 2023, then when?

Smart Omo-Idemuda writes in from Benin City.

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