OPINION!! African Juju/Jazz Is Fake Not Real & Doesn’t Exist (See Why)

Juju a spiritual belief system incorporating objects, such as amulets, and spells used in religious practice in West Africa by the people of Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon.

The term has been applied to traditional African religions.

However, I don’t believe in it. I have many reasons why I don’t believe in African juju/jazz. If these juju are effective, Africa would have been the richest and safest continent on earth.

Let’s build a juju/jazz app where people’s problems can be solved. Locating/tracking of stolen items with juju, kidnappers location, etc.

Aswear the whole world will use your app. African traditionalists let’s do this.

If your juju/jazz is not solving real problems, you are not serious.

African juju/jazz will not harm or kill you while in America, UK, Canada. Dem go wait till you return home, boom you are dead. Na human being juju be that.

You may agree or disagree

African Juju/Jazz Is Fake Not Real & Doesn’t Exist

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