My Girlfriend Got Pregnant And Aborted For Her Boss – Man Cries

A man has cried out seeking for help on how to overcome yet another relationship hurdle.

A Nigerian man has taken to a forum to lament after getting himself in a tight relationship corner.

He begged for advice on how to handle his relationship and wrote:

Dear Fam,

Please help me out(advice) on this , I am writing at this odd hour because I have lost my peace and I can’t close my eyes and sleep .

My relationship has not been a rossy one at all, I have my faults (though am not a womanizer or a cheat) God bears me witness, but believe me, the girl I’m dating and almost settling down with after some years of dating has been hell, trust issues, disrespectful, someone who told me she can never respect or submit to me in her life, I have endured and endured her, she always overrides me. I can’t talk or complian of her wrong doings , she will react badly, very insulting (countlessly insulted my father and mother but I have never ever retailiated, does care about what I feel or how I feel.

Should I talk of sex? I have never cheated on her for the past 6 years plus since we met (started dating) at a young age at uni and after uni, I respect her even in her absence, but she has mingled with different guys that has cost out relationship, in all these she claims she has done nothing wrong.

The main issue of all right now is that her boss, she once worked for who she was consciously sleeping with inside office once others are not around, always, hotel, even when they (claim) or go to conference or meetings together, knowing that he is a married man, called her yesterday to give her a job offer to return . This is a boss she served years back, even during uni he kept calling and always wanting to have her, during and after NYSC he kept calling her for him to have a bite, same boss she was pregnant for and aborted for him, though she hanged it on her boyfriend as of that time and the guy didn’t know . She never told me all these her self, but I won’t like to share here how I got to know.

The same man she has been avoiding for years, that she doesn’t want to go back to sin or her past life, but just yesterday she even took excuse sneaked out of office and went to see him and accepted the offer, then came back home called me to tell me this and that and before I could talk she said she has accepted it, was shocked and trying to reason why she did that, she asked me if there was anything wrong in her decision, she began to yell at me on phone, as usual I kept mute and ended the call. Please would I be wrong if at this point I take a bow and leave now?

Please help me push it to the front page. She is a Nairalander too, she sees nothing wrong in the wrong things she does. Let the world hear my story and correct me if am wrong on taking the decision.

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