My father pays me N30k for each child I steal – 22-yr-old girl

A 22-year-old suspected female kidnapper, Adeola Omoniyi has revealed how much she was paid by her father, Ilesanmi Omoniyi after each operation.

Adeola, who is notorious for abducting toddlers in communities in Ondo state was paraded by the state police Command in Akure, the state capital. The suspect, who was apprehended at Ore in Odigbo council area of the state said that was her third mission.

She said,” I’m a kidnapper. I do kidnap little children and I always deliver them to my father in his house at Igbotako. I was successful with the first two children I took but I was caught with the third one. After delivering the kids to my father, he would give me N30K for each operation. I do use the money to take care of myself. I don’t know what he normally used the children for. All I do is to take them to him.

He told me to always bring the children to him. I picked the first child from Ilutitun and the second from Ilowo. It was when I was taking the child away that the mother raised alarm. People gathered to beat me and I was taken to the police station before I was moved to Akure.

I have been doing the business for about two years. The first one was in 2021 and the second one this year. I always ask the children when they are alone that where are they going and I hold their hand and they will follow me.” However, the father who denied the allegation in an interview said that her daughter had been battling mental issue.

Omoniyi said that “My daughter used to stay in Lagos. She stayed about two years in Lagos. She got sick and they brought her to me in Igbotako. She was stark naked when they brought her to me. I later took her to a church where the pastor said I should pay N80K. I sold my cassava and I paid the pastor. He later told me that she is better but few days after he called again that he could not find her as she had left the church. “I’m not the one that she used to bring the kids to. I have never given her N30K. It was six months after she left the church that we have been looking for her that I heard that she went to steal a child.”

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