Ecowas Youth Ambassador appoints Hon. Abdul-Azeez Olayinka as Special Assistant

The office of the president, West Africa (Ecowas Youth Ambassador), have appointed Hon. Abdul-Azeez Olayinka as a special assistant to the ECOWAS youth ambassador.

The appointment is connected with the identifiable antecedents of dedication, hard work, and diligence that He proven in service to Humanity and the commendable works as an advocate.

Dated 19th November 2022, the appointment letter presents this news as it’s accompanied with all the necessary documents attached to the diplomatic mission, including an ID card, and an appointment letter.

Hon. Abdul-Azeez Olayinka is a creative youth Influencer, Advocate for good governance, and leadership,also a fellow of the Achievers Hub Africa Inaugural Mentorship Cohort.

He has served and help Champion many courses in the light of Youth Development and participation, something he views as a life purpose

Using Creativity as a means.

Hon. Abdul-Azeez hails from Ede south Local Government, Osun State.

He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Political science at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State, Nigeria.

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