Buy Sell Community On Facebook | Facebook Free Marketplace Near Me

Facebook Free Marketplace Near Me – Facebook Marketplace is an online free marketing platform on Facebook with the sole aim of helping facebook users to buy and sell various items just like every market place.

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This post will expose you to the complete step by step guide on how to access the facebook marketplace community and buy or sell anything of your choice.

Let’s get started with facebook marketplace community.

Buy Sell Community On Facebook | Facebook Free Marketplace Near Me

It may have occurred to you that you should start up your own personal business of buying and selling but little or no capital is restricting you from starting up.

Well, look no further because here is a solution to your problem.

Mind you, I don’t have any capital to give but with this advice of starting up with the Facebook marketplace, you would be astonished on how things would flow easily and help you to achieve your dreams.

The Facebook Marketplace is a gallery of items to be sold, and there are millions of items that are being uploaded on Facebook marketplace on a weekly basis by marketers and business owners from around the world. So be rest assured that you would see whatever you are looking to buy on Facebook Marketplace.

This Marketplace feature has a setting that allows users to discover and identify buyers and sellers who are not far from them with the use of locators.

To do this, you simply have to go through your Facebook Marketplace setting and identify the areas you want to be seen i.e. areas that you wish to be seen as a buyer or seller.

You will also see other buyers and sellers found around the same environment you chose.

How to Find the Facebook Marketplace on Desktop, Android, and IOS
Facebook Marketplace can be used on desktop, android and iOS devices. And another important thing to know is that there is no need to download a separate app for the Facebook marketplace, this feature was developed directly on the Facebook page, there is a Facebook Marketplace Icon in form of a storefront.

This icon is found in different areas of your page for Desktop, Android, and IOS.

To utilise it, simply check out where they are found below;

Desktop – on a Desktop or Personal Computer, Facebook Marketplace can be seen on the menu bar located at the left-hand side of your page

Android – On Android mobile devices, Facebook Marketplace is located at the top of your page just in the midst of other icons like the notification icon, friend request icon, and messenger icon.

IOS – on iOS Devices, the Facebook Marketplace can be sighted at the bottom of your Facebook Page

Business owners who intend to sell or market on the Facebook Marketplace platform, it is necessary and of top-most importance to take very good photo shots of the items you want to sell include a detailed description of them.

On the Platform, items to be sold are categories into different categories just like in the mini-mart or supermarket and if you are a buyer, all you need do is search for the item you want to buy from its category or on the general search box.

Once the item is sighted, then the marketer or owner of the product you selected would be unveiled. All you need to do now is send the seller a message and bargain or negotiate to come to a conclusion on the price of the item.

Note that Facebook is not involved in the negotiating part nor are they involved in any payment, as soon as you find what you want to buy, everything done after is between the seller and the buyer.

That is it on Buy Sell Community On Facebook | Facebook Free Marketplace Near Me.

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