BBTitans: Biggie Pairs Housemates As He Sets New Rules

There has been a new twist by Big Brother which left viewers amazed.

Apparently all Big Brother Titans housemates have been paired to their respective partners after the end of the game.

According to the rules of the game, If a partner gets evicted, his/her partner also gets evicted: and If a partner get a strike his/her partner also gets a strike. Also, If one partner get disqualified, his/her partner gets disqualified.

Check out the full list of partners below.

Thabang partners Nana

Nelisa partners Yemi Cregx

Juicy Jay partners Olivia

Jaypee partners Lucay

Justin partners Yvonne

Tsatsii partners Ebubu

Kanaga Jnr partners Blue Aiva

Yaya partners Marvin

Mmelii partners Jenny O

Sandra partners Theo

BLaqBoi partners Ipeleng

Miracle partners Khosi

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