5 Health Benefits of Cockroach Will Shock You!

Cockroach, as we are all know, is an insect that spread bacteria or you can read symptoms of streptococcus bacteria infections, in general in the house. Many people are disgusted and afraid of cockroach, especially for female. The reason is because a hairy cockroach with a long antenna, blackish brown and can fly because it has wings, and it also has hairy legs. In addition, due to its dirty and unhygienic habitat.

Cockroach also eat anything such as bread crumbs, food scraps, clothes, books and even sofas and so forth. This cockroach is generally the type of cockroach that lives at home. There are about 4500 species of cockroaches in the world and four of them are categorized as pests. However, just like other living things, it also has benefits that one of them is for the health which is as a treatment.

Using cockroach as a treatment in order for the health is not something new. It has been known from a journalist named Lafcadio Hearn, who wrote about it because he had traveled to the southern states of the United States in the 19th century.

He wrote: “For tetanus given cockroach tea. I do not know how many cockroaches are needed to make a cup of tea, but this treatment is highly trusted by New Orleans residents”. For the further of the Health Benefits of Cockroach, here are the details:

1.Kills Bacteria

Cockroach has certain chemical compounds to kill bacteria. It kills bacteria because the chemical compounds are toxic to harmful bacteria. Based on this, the pharmacy uses a cockroach as an antibiotic that kills bacteria. Thing you should notice is, the cockroach should be processed by a professional and not eaten raw. Or you can read foods contain probiotics naturally.

2.Relieves Symptoms of Stomach Flu

Stomach flu has nothing to do with influenza, despite the name is similar. Stomach flu is an infection of inflammation that occurs in stomach and intestines. A syrup from cockroach can relieve symptoms of stomach flu. The symptoms are cramps around the abdomen, diarrhea, pain and a slight fever. Or you can read foods to eat after having the stomach flu.

3.Treats Burns

The Health Benefits of Cockroach one of them is to treat burns. Some of hospital in China uses cream from the powdered cockroach to treat burns. That’s really shocking!

4.Prevents Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common disease of digestion. The disease can affect every person, from children to adults, even it can affect animals. A study from University of Nottingham found that cockroach has a substance in the brain which can kill Escherichia Coli bacteria. It is bacteria that may cause diarrhea in certain level and usually found in intestines. Or you can read health benefits of basil leaves.

5.Rich of Protein

Cockroaches are known to have high protein content. It is believed to meet the needs of daily protein. To note is, cockroaches that will be eaten with rice should be well processed first or even will endanger your health such as trigger symptoms for allergy sufferers. Or you can read health benefits whey protein.

There are some Health Benefits of Cockroach, and also you should notice not to forget that cockroach might cause some disease because of its bacteria.

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