How to Send Money to Nigeria using Ping Express

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Nigerians who have moved to other parts of the world often send money home to friends and family. In fact, from the United States alone, members of the Nigerian diaspora sent over $20 billion back to Nigeria in 2015, and these consumers spent a total of $600 million in fees.

Those numbers are astronomical, and if you have friends or family in Nigeria, you may be wondering how to send money to Nigeria without incurring a lot of fees. Luckily, it is possible.

How to Send Money to Nigeria Without Incurring a Lot of Fees

The cost of sending money to Nigeria varies a lot between different companies. To ensure you are getting the best deal, compare rates from multiple companies, and look for a company such as Ping Express that’s known for low rates.

Challenges With Sending Money to Nigeria

Unfortunately, there are limitations that make it difficult to send money to Nigeria. For example, many people don’t have traditional bank accounts, which can make it hard for them to receive money. Because of those limitations, many companies have stopped sending money to Nigeria, or they have increased the charges for sending money to Nigeria.

Ping Express is different. It understands the best ways to send money to Nigeria effectively and inexpensively. Most importantly, Ping Express passes those savings onto its customers so that they can save as well.

Easy Ways to Send Money to Nigeria

With Ping Express, the process of sending money to Nigeria is fast and easy as well as being inexpensive. Clients in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and other parts of the world can start by visiting the Ping Express website.

Then, you simply need to choose the country where you want to send money. You can send minutes to someone’s phone or cash to someone’s bank account. Once the details have been entered, you complete the transaction using your bank account or credit card information.

In addition to the website, Ping Express also offers a mobile app. That lets you send money to Nigeria from anywhere you have cell phone service. Once you send funds to a recipient, it’s easy to send additional funds with just a few taps on the screen.

How Ping Express Keeps Prices Low

Ping Express is able to offer such low rates for a variety of reasons. The company does not focus on brick-and-mortar establishments. That cuts down on overhead including rent, utilities, and staffing costs, and Ping Express passes those savings onto its customers.

The company also does a large volume of transactions, and that too helps to keep costs low. Finally. Ping Express is committed to quality and affordability so the company is always looking for ways to help clients save money.

Convenient Features of Ping Express

Of course, it’s not just the low fees and the chance to save millions of dollars that attracts consumers to Ping Express. You will also love the speed. In many cases, when you send money to Nigeria with Ping Express, the money appears in the recipient’s account within a half an hour.

The convenience and speed associated with this online transaction means that you don’t have to worry about missing work, standing in line at a money service retailer, or wasting time in any other way.

If you are ready to send money and want to save on fees, visit Ping Express’s website now, or download the mobile app.

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