MMM slashes 2016 mavro -

MMM slashes 2016 mavro

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mmm slashes 2016 mavro due to over draft payment which means most mavro exceded 30% but am glad to say 2016 mavro is back to normal.

Am happy to inform you that the 2016 previous miscalculation of 2016 marvo has been corrected.

Check your PO and see for yourself. Over 75% PO have been worked on by the programmers. Yes, gradually everybody’s true status is being revealed. Just in case u’v been bragging of having millions tied down in MMM, now you have seen your true mavros plus one month’s growth. Soon we shall be told how we are going to collect our 2016 mavros. We’re making progress. Keep being hopeful and stop listening to pessimist and hatters of our community.

mmm slashes 2016 mavro

For those who feels that there Mavros were not Calculated Properly, What you should do is:
Take out a Calculator, and calculate 30% of the amount u PH before we went on Pause.
If the amount u see is lower than what u ought to get, bring it to me , I will follow it up till it is corrected…

If u PH the following amounts these are what u ought to see Or slightly higher…
2016 PH and there calculation based on 30%:
> #20, 000 = #26, 000
> #50, 000 = #65, 000
> #100, 00 =#130, 000
> #200,000 = #260, 000
> #500, 0000 = #650, 000
> #1, 000, 000 = #1, 300, 000

you can verify it now if you are among those who complained about this.

mmm programmers care

it is been generally confirm that mmm happens to be the only ponzi scheme standing tall after the return in 2017 over frozen account over xmas was rumored that mmm was out of business,but it prove all wrong in standing  tall remaining the only ponzi scheme standing.

An mmm guiders sent a meesage to saying” i got a new understanding of todays world thatis differnt from others as i saw the hand of mmm ideology in todays sundays service.

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” i am not trying to relieve others bty putting a burden on you,but since you have planty at this time, it is only fair that you provide help to those who are in need and they have planty,they will help you. in other ways bith are treated equally.”  mmm slashes 2016 mavro has been corrected


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