How To Get 2016 Mavro Back on MMM,Nigeria

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MMM There is still panic as participants have not been able to get back the money they invested in the scheme before it froze in December 2016.

Members are ask to PH(provide help) in 2017,in other to pay 2016 mavro faster,Here are some steps to withdrawl your 2016 marvo.

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  • If you PH 10% you will get 10% of your mavro 2016, if you PH 100% you will get 100% of Mavro 2016.
  • PH(Provide help) in 2weeks you will be matched to pay another participate,remember after been match no cancellation of pH
  • To get help(GH),once your money is available for withdrawl,10% of your 2016 marvo will be paid along side with the 2017 marvo in full payment.

In most cases MORE THAN 10% is been withdrawl from the 2016 mavro


Only participant that ph will be able to gh the 2016 mavro

Get help by 12am on the dot because of tarffic trying to get 2016 marvo,at the time of writing this post it has been confirm that 90% of 2016 mavro was gotten during at night.

remember if you been match to provide help and you fail to do yo will be automatically be romoved from the ponzi scheme,so to avoid lossing your 2016 mavro you have to provide help.

ALSO remember to write letter of happiness in other not to be removed from the system,some MMM participate have been able to get all their 2016 mavro while some has not been able but just follow my instructions  and you will smile to the bank in fews days time.

SOMEONES letter of happiness from my last post about mmm

sir thanks from your update,i did has requsted and i smiled to the bank.i provided help befor i was able to get help,when it was time to get help i tried it at about 11:59 by 12:5 will was able to get help and half of my 2016 mavro was paid. i want to say LONG live MMM


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